DP: Rama, confused and desperate

26/05/2011 18:55

Democratic Party Parliament Member, Gerti Bogdani, declared that Edi Rama’s last shouts for victory in Tirana are useless.

According to him, the victory of Alliance for the Citizen is clear, because this coalition is many votes ahead the left centered coalition.

“Edi Rama is deeply desperate and clearly confused. He thinks that the coalition led by his party won the local elections, when there are 140,000 thousand voters more for the coalition of the Democratic Party”, Bogdani declared.

Bogdani said that Edi Rama’s pretenses for vote manipulations are useless, because robbery would be if the citizens’ vote would not be counted.

“He considers electoral cannibalism the ballot counting process, when the real cannibalism is letting them uncounted”, Bogdani underlined.

“He thinks that he can thank the international community, and lie about their declarations without being noticed”, the Democratic Party Deputy added.

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