DP: Pretenses at CEC

28/05/2011 19:40

Democratic Party opposed the accusations that the Socialist Party addressed to them regarding inconsistencies in voting centers.

The Spokesperson of this party, Albana Mustafaraj, rejected the accusations made by the Socialist Party General Secretary, Gramoz Ruçi.

“The Socialist Party mentioned today inconsistencies in the voting centers, but they have not filed any complaint at the Zonal Election Commission, although they had a deadline of 72 hours. Besides that, they haven’t filed a single appeal at the Central Election Commission about this, although they had a deadline of 72 hours”, Mustafaraj declared.

“The Democratic Party notifies the citizens that according the Election Code, every political force has the right to file a complaint for any problem at Tirana Zonal Election Commission and the Central Election Commission. We trust that Albanians will know how to interpret Mr. Rama’s attempts, who asked for two consequent years to recount the ballots of 2009 elections, even after the Court rejected this request for lacking of proofs”, she added.

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