DP head Basha: There is no return for Berisha, until matter is clarified

20/09/2021 21:33

The meeting of the leadership of the Democratic parliamentary group today produced strong retorts between chair Lulzim Basha and MP Flamur Noka, supporter of the political action launched by the suspended veteran Democrat Sali Berisha.

Sources from the meeting told Top Channel that initially Flamur Noka addressed Basha with the words:

“You have violated the party statute, the decision for Berisha must be taken by the National Assembly. There is not and will not be an anti-American group under the PD logo. There will be no DP Assembly that questions the decisions of the American government.”

Basha responded by emphasizing that:

“The request for ‘the doctor’ did not come from third-level or low-ranking officials. It came from the dome of the American State. I know the information as well as the doctor knows, but you will never know. The decision for Sali Berisha has no turning back. But then there is a misreading with what is done or interpreted in the media. The doctor was not expelled, he was not lynched. As he himself has stated, he will follow the trial. Until the truth comes out, he will stay out of the parliamentary group.”

Top Channel