Doubts on concessions

30/05/2011 15:10

Socialist Deputy Andis Harasani, present at the Economy Parliamentary
Commission, raised doubts upon the process that the government is
following for giving motorway maintenance with concession to private

“When was the tender held, who chose IFC as adviser? On what conditions, what was the limited fund for this tender”, Harasani declared.

Mr. Harasani raised the concern that the new privatization wave warned by the government will create more costs than profits for the economy, and for this he referred to past experiences.

We have given many objects in concession, and what happens is that the contracts are not implemented. The most concerning one is the concession agreement given to CEZ, who haven’t fulfilled any of this agreement’s points”, Harasani declared.

The Prime Minister warned that the government will start a new privatization wave, conceding the remaining state assets to the private sector.

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