Decrease in the number of new cases; 6 losses of life from Covid-19 complications in the country

25/10/2021 19:56

264 citizens have been confirmed positive with coronavirus, out of 2,640 tests performed during the last 24 hours in Albania.

Capital Tirana has the highest number of new cases with 133 infected.

29 citizens have tested positive with Covid 19 in Fier, 24 in Lushnja, 16 in Durrës, and fewer in other districts. 6 patients aged 57-83 years have lost their life.

Four of the deceased are from Tirana, one from Elbasan and one from Berat.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 7098 active patients with Covid 19 nationwide.

Currently 155 of these patients are being treated in COVID hospitals, of which 18 are in a more serious condition.

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