Covid-19/ Ministry of Health: From December 1, online teaching in schools is recommended

25/11/2020 15:08

The Ministry of Health is requiring other measures to curb Covid-19 infections by recommending recently that in addition to universities, primary and secondary schools also start teaching online.

The news was announced by the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, through a message to the media where she states that after the recommendations of the Technical Committee of Experts, it was recommended to the Ministry of Education that teaching in schools be combined.

So the lesson will take place, in the classical form but also online. According to Manastirliu, this practice should start on December 1st.

“Until now, as experts analyze, children are not considered to be high carriers of Sars-CovV2 infection. It turns out that security protocols have been fully implemented by educational structures, which is reflected in the figures. But to minimize the risks during this period, where other respiratory infections are present, we have weighed the importance of the balance of well-being and safety of children’s health, and after the recommendation of the Committee of Experts we decided to recommend that, from December 1, to apply the scenarios that provide for alternate teaching, i.e. in the traditional form, with physical presence by combining it with distance learning (online) based on the specifics of the education system and relevant local data in cooperation with health authorities”, said Manastirliu.

It is now expected that the Ministry of Education will approve and implement the recommendations made by the Technical Committee of Experts and the Ministry of Health.

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