Covid-19; Frightening stats from Kosova, 15 losses of life in the last 24 hours

31/07/2020 15:40

In the last 24 hours Kosova reports that 15 people have died as a result of the coronavirus.

The National Institute of Public Health said the death toll has risen to a total of 227. Over the past 24 hours, a total of 459 tracking samples have been tested, of which 226 were positive.

The total number of positive cases is 8,330 cases out of 36,509 people suspected of being SARS-CoV-2 virus, with a total of 227 deaths, of patients who had other concomitant diseases.

During the last 24 hours, 115 patients have recovered while the total number of cured to date is a total of 4,578 cases. The number of actively ill cases is 3,525.

Positive cases were 82 in the Prishtina municipality, Podujeva municipality 26 cases, Fushë Kosovë municipality 18 cases, Mitrovica municipality 15 cases, Peja municipality 13 cases, Gjakova municipality 12 cases, Gjilan municipality 9 cases, Klina municipality 7 cases, Viti municipality 7 cases , Vushtrri commune 7 cases, Lipjan commune 6 cases, Deçan commune 4 cases, Drenas commune 4 cases, Skenderaj commune 4 cases, Malisheva commune 3 cases, Ferizaj commune 2 cases, Kamenica commune 2 cases and with 1 case each: Kaçanik, Prizren , Shtime, ërtrpce and Suhareka.

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