Court of Appeals sentences former chief prosecutor to 2 years in prison for concealing assets

22/09/2021 15:05

After a long series of lawsuits, the Special Court of Appeals gave its final decision today sending the former Chief Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla for 2 years behind bars.

After this decision Llalla becomes the former highest official of the Prosecution convicted for corruption in Albania so far.

The Special Court of Appeals upheld the decision of May 20 of the First Instance and apart from deprivation of liberty, Llalla will not exercise public functions for 5 years.

Former Chief Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla had appealed the sentence of 2 years in prison of the First Instance for the accusation of concealing property in 3 cases.

The court ordered the request for confiscation of almost 22 thousand square meters of land and an apartment in Durrës, and approved as an additional sentence the ban to take public office for five years. Llalla’s defense had previously insisted that it had concealed nothing but saving from Germany and that the rest of the assets “had been forgotten to be declared by human error”.


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