Court of Appeal gives the official PD stamp to Berisha’s group: Today is the day to unite

11/06/2024 15:43

The decision of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Democratic Party that on December 11, 2021 that dismissed Lulzim Basha as chairman, was upheld today by the Court of Appeal, which means that the official chairman of the DP opposition is again former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

The three judges Alma Ahmeti, Elona Toro and Iliba Bezati unanimously decided not to accept the appeal of Enkelejd Alibeaj, part of the Basha group, to undo the decision of the Court of First Instance two years ago.

With this verdict, any dispute over the seal, logo, symbols and political forums of the Democratic Party is resolved. Sali Berisha is the big winner of this legal battle.

Sali Berisha commented from the house arrest on decision by asking for unity, saying among other things:

“Today is the day to thank and humble myself with the greatest respect to every democrat who wrote history in the December 11 assembly!

“This is not the story of Sali Berisha, but the history of democracy and oppositionism, it is the embodiment of the axiom that God is with the resistant and the brave!

“Today we must unite as it was not Sali Berisha that won, but democracy. The only one losing today is (PM) Edi Rama.

“Our common goal must be to unite for his downfall and restore hope to the Albanians to achieve together the delayed rotation, the salvation of Albania!”

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