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Court accepts families of victims as parties in the process of the 2008 murderous explosion at the military plant in Gërdec

07/06/2023 15:50

The Special Court of First Instance for Corruption and Organized Crime decided to admit the family members of the victims of the Gërdec massacre as parties in the process against the former Minister of Defense Fatmir Mediu.

Lawyer Dorian Matlija considered the decision of the special court an achievement, while 290 people, among them injured and family members of the victims of the tragedy, will be contacted by the court.

The lawyer said: “The history of victims’ participation started when the law did not provide for it, we have many cases and as long as the number is large, this was the most logical step.

“For new evidence when it is in a shortened trial, we cannot have involvement. The interest of the family members was not for a man to be put behind bars, but for the event to be clarified, only the truth frees people from their suffering and pain.”

Durda, the mother of the victim, said: “The evidence is public, the killing of my son is a state crime, the order of the minister killed my son.”

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