Constructions destroy southern coast

26/05/2011 21:40

Lack of attention from institutions such as Construction Inspectorate,
Municipal Police or other offices whose duty is to control illegal constructions, has made the coastal area from Radhima to Orikum suffer a
boom of illegal small piers that are destroying the coastal beauty.

Tons of inert materials and stones are thrown in every 100 meters by the owners of bars and hotels built in the area.

By exploiting the lack of attention from state institutions, which now are still focused on elections, many trucks come each day in this area and download tons of stones in the water.

Beside the piers built inside the sea, another phenomenon is rapidly endangering the coast. The entire area of Orikum public beach is occupied by illegal constructions.

All you can see in this beach today are straw huts and concrete walls.

Local residents and people from other areas have exploited the moment when every institution is actually non-existent, have occupied a free area of the public beach and are building whatever they can.

For the municipalities and communes that cover this part of the coastline, the routine that was disrupted by elections still has not come to normality, while law violators are working undisturbed.

This situation is against them too, because by destroying the seaside, they will make regular holiday makers abandon the area.

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