Commitments of the new government, Rama: Increase of agricultural exports, as of June no more plastic bags in use

16/09/2021 20:18

Prime Minister Edi Rama pldged today among other the plans for the new governing mandate, that the country will increase its potential of tourism and as of June 1, 2022 there will be no more plastic bags in use.

“They will have 9 months time to remove it from production. There will be no tolerance on plastic pollution.”

With the aim of making Albania a serious destination for tourism in the Western Balkans, Prime Minister Rama addressed the local government agencies with harsh tones, demanding that the priority should be a ‘clean environment’.

“You will not have any grants if you do not guarantee cleanliness.

We will not tolerate illegal constructions.”

Regarding agriculture, PM Rama stated that the government’s objective is for the value of agricultural exports to reach 1 billion dollars within 4 years, promising support for farmers and giving priority to food security.

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