“Clean Territory” police operation destroys 6,201 cannabis seedlings and plants, 29-year-old is handcuffed

19/06/2024 15:43

As a result of intensive checks throughout the territory of Shkodra district in the northwest of Albania, the police said that 6201 suspected cannabis plants were found and destroyed.

The police add that they identified and arrested the suspected perpetrator of the cultivation of 835 of the seedlings in Mount Shoshi.

In the framework of the national operation “Clean Territory”, against the cultivation of narcotic plants, the services of the Local Police Directorate of Shkodër and the subordinate police stations have intensively followed the searches in the entire territory of the district, with the aim of ascertaining and cracking down on cases of this criminal activity.

As a result of the investigations and professional police actions, a suspected cultivator was arrested M. L., 29 years old, resident in the village of Hot i Ri.

The officials further added that the checks continued in the territory of the administrative units of Shosh, Shale, Pult and Postribe, in Shkodër, where a total of 4902 cannabis plants were found.

Following the checks in the territory of the Temal administrative unit, Vau i Dejës, 244 cannabis seedlings were found, while in the territory of the Gjegjan administrative unit, Pukë, 220 cannabis seedlings were found.

The work continues for the identification, capture and prosecution of the perpetrators of the cultivation of these cannabis plants.

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