Candidate is unfairly excluded from the competing in ‘predetermined’ elections in University of Elbasan

10/06/2024 21:17

The former prefect of Elbasan, Majlinda Perriu, complained on the Fiks Fare show that she was unfairly excluded from the race for rector of Aleksandër Xhuvani University in Elbasan, in central Albania.

“I ran for rector of the university following all the legal procedures, but I was expelled from the Institutional Electoral Commission with the claim that the law did not allow me while a was prefect, but my mandate ended on May 24. Meanwhile, the commission decided to expel me on May 26, that is, two days after I was no longer a prefect,” says Perriu.

While this commission excluded her in violation of the law, Mrs. Perriu made an official complaint to the Appeals Commission, which should decide whether the former prefect should enter the elections or not.

But surprisingly, says Ms. Perriu, the head of the appeal commission resigned on the day the decision was to be made, and thus no decision was made.

Journalists requested an answer from the rectory and from the members of the commission that expelled Perriu and that should consider her complaint.

The rector refused to give any answer to the journalists, while two members of the appeal commission, Ardita Dylgjeri and Zyra Gripshi, admitted that they never met within 5 working days to consider the candidate’s complaint.

But what justified the claim of the former prefect was a phone call that the journalists made with a member of the Institutional Electoral Commission, Mustafa Kadzadej, who voted for Mrs. Perriu to be excluded from the race.

He clarified that the interpretation of the law was made by the legal office of the university, so the legal office had decided exclude her candidacy.

Thus the commission decided what was told by the rectorate in excluding from the competition, and not considering the complaint of Mrs. Perriu.


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