Bulqize, meeting with miners fails

26/08/2011 14:50

The President of the Austrian ACR Company, Rohtraut Skatche-Depich
visited the town of Bulqize in her efforts to find a solution to the
conflict with the mineworkes.

She was welcomed by the company leaders and then asked the miners to create a representative group of four people who would negotiate for the conflict.

But the negotiations failed, due to the Company conditions for not allowing syndication leaders or sued miners to participate in the negotiations.

The miners stayed outside the gallery entrance, while the Company administrators and President were inside the premises.

The Company had declared one hour later that the President had come to find a solution to the problem.

“I guess that each of you expects to celebrate a nice Bayram and a better future. I am here to make possible of having them both. I invite four miners, only ACR workers, to meet me and discuss together a solution”, she declared.

The announcement says that besides improving the conditions, the Company will open new galleries, as the miners have requested.

“Let us all commit to open deep galleries, but for realizing this, you must turn to work”, she added.

The miners refused the condition of excluding the syndications from the negotiations.

After the invitation, the syndical council, together with Bulqize Municipality representatives discussed about finding a solution and creating a representation group for the negotiations.

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