Berisha continues campaign in Divjaka

26/04/2011 19:25

The Prime Minister Sali Berisha announced the candidate of “Alliance for the Citizen” for Mayor of Divjaka, Irakli Gorea.

The head of the government emphasized that they will support all the projects of the next elction’s winner.

He expressed his gratitude for the support that this area has given to the Democratic Party and the Berisha cabinet.

“Divjaka is transformed into a big national center of production and tourism. The next four years will transform the victory of Gorea into a success for each of you, for every family in Divjaka. During these years, the government has invested 60 million USD in road infrastructure, aqueducts and farms”, Berisha said.

“Our years in the way of freedom have produced success. We are here today as citizens of a NATO member country. Vote as European citizens, and each of you will add a brick at the new house of democracy that we are building day after day. The other way is the way of solitude, which started with the Divjaka Municipality and ruined its commune. Mr. Irakli told me that the ‘comrade’ Edi Rama visited the Divjaka municipality thinking that he was visiting the Divjaka commune. He did the same thing at Memaliaj. All I can say is that this is what the way of solitude can do to someone. It leads you at the house of the past. We are walking towards our future”, Berisha emphasized.

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