Bebe Rexha visits Albania, will help family rebuild house after eqarthquake

02/12/2019 17:17

Bebe Rexha and the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, have visited a family that was affected by the earthquake in Biza, Ishem.

President Meta thanked Bebe Rexha, the international artist of Albanian origin, who dedicated her time to this tragedy and changed her agenda to be part of this concrete action.

Bebe said: “I am proud to be Albanian and very happy to be helping another family. This is a great disaster but we need to be strong, and I am proud that we are helping other Albanians. I also want to say something to the other Albanians around the world. This is your chance to help our people and make donations to help them rebuild their life. Even small things count. God bless Albania”, Bebe Rexha said.


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