Basha responds to Berisha’s accusations: There is only one file, your announcement “non grata” by the USA

03/12/2021 20:55

The chairman of the opposition PD, Lulzim Basha, has responded today to the accusations of the former chairman Sali Berisha, in the campaign of clashes between the two.

The former chairman of the Democratic Party said today in the meeting with his Democratic supporters in Bilisht that the current leader has an open criminal file on the issue of millions found in the “Toyota Yaris” car.

Basha replied: Fiction and slander can not solve Sali Berisha’s plight. There is only one dossier, that is Berisha’s announcement NON GRATA by USA. This is the issue that forces Sali Berisha to fall so low in the hope that he will turn the DP into a shield of personal interests. ”

Berisha mentioned that an investigation has been opened against the current leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha in Belgium, regarding the money found inside the “Toyota Yaris” car in the port of Durres. He asked Basha to give explanations about this issue, as well as demanded his resignation from the DP.

Berisha said: “In various forums I have denounced and asked him to give explanations about the Toyota Yaris, about the file in the Muzina, as I guarantee you that other files will be published in the future.

“But our former interior minister (Basha) declared one day in parliament that on Saturday they will come with a series of Toyota cars and will be received by (SP’s) Taulant Balla, a statement which at first sight seemed like a fantasy.

“I ask him, sir, how did you make this statement? He said ‘for sure’ they were coming. How can you deconstruct this development of a criminal organization? The Belgian prosecutor’s office had launched an investigation. Now, I want to ask you on your behalf to resign and not hide behind the files.

“Edi Rama defended him, he held the file blocked in Albania, but with the file in Belgium, he was declared member of a criminal organization.”

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