Ballots are recounted in Rrogozhina after irregularities’ complaints and the close result

05/06/2023 15:42

Today in the premises of the CEC, has begun the recount and reevaluation of all local elections ballot boxes in 54 voting centers of the Rrogozhina municipality.

The decision came after two members of KAS asked for the boxes to be made available to reevaluate them, while the opposition candidate of the Together We Win opposition coalition claims irregularities. In the Rrogozhina municipality, the difference between the two main candidates resulted in only 30 votes, while it was the Rrogozhina Prison box that overturned the result in favor of the socialist candidate, Edison Memolla.

This box, which will also be re-evaluated, if it is decided that it will be invalid by the members of KAS, will bring the announcement of early elections in the municipality of Rrogozhina.

The parties are also expected to raise their disputes about the invalid and valid ballots during the recount process, which will then be taken up for consideration by the CAS.


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