Assets owned by former MP Mark Frroku to be confiscated

03/03/2018 17:44

Two years after blocking some of the assets owned by former MP Mark Frroku, the court is about to confiscate these assets.

The properties have a value of 158 million ALL, and are not justified legally.

Prosecutor Klodian Braho told the Court that Frroku has been sentenced in Albania for three crimes: hiding assets, money laundering and illegal construction.

The Prosecutor explains that Frroku has also been sentenced by the Dutch judiciary system for drug traffic. In Netherlands, he was identified with his other name, Piro Sofrani.

Based on the anti-mafia law, the assets of Frroku and of his relatives were all invesetigated.

From 1991 to 2013, the Prosecution says that Frroku and his relatives have earned 55 million ALL from legal sources, while the 158 million ALL is unjustified.

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