Asllan Patrioti remains in prison

20/10/2010 00:00

The Court of Tirana left in prison the former coordinator of the hunger
strike, Asllan Patrioti, accusing him of using illegal influence to
people who hold public posts.

Prosecutor Daniela Sula declared that the SMS-s that Patrioti has sent to the Italian citizen, Massimiliano Nicolini, raise suspicions that he was threatened by the defendant for 700 EUR in exchange for the car that the police found for the Italian citizen.

The Prosecution sent as evidence some transcripts from environmental surveillance which proved that the defendant had the 700 EUR in his pocket.

The defendant says to the Italian that he wants the money to give it to a police chief that helped finding the lost vehicle, but that in fact did not happen, because he never gave the money to anyone else.

“No evidence was taken. They only believed the declaration of the Italian citizen. They have had a conversation because they were acquainted”, declared the defensive lawyer, Irfan Aliu.

Asllan Patrioti’s wife declared that she will appeal the decision, while the strike coordinator, Skender Tufa, declared that this was a political trial.

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