Albanian prosecution brings charges against former minister of defense for the murderous explosion in Gërdec army dismantling plant

10/01/2023 21:08

Special anti-corruption prosecution SPAK has completed the investigations into the 2008 tragedy with 26 dead in Gërdec and summoned the former defense minister Fatmir Mediu as a defendant.

Today he appeared at the Special Prosecutor’s Office to be told of the 2 charges against him, “abuse of duty” and “abuse of duty in the military context”.

Mediu, former Minister of Defense, rejected the accusations, saying: “I was informed of the accusation of abuse of office, but I am telling you that I asked from the beginning to say that it is under accusation of political motivation, it is not the order of the minister who created

the problem. What he presented to me is the same file I was presented before. My position is that I do not accept this charge, I am innocent.”

Ardian Visha, Mediu’s lawyer, added: “It came out of nowhere as a second attempt, and today we come to the sieve of this accusation, which is not only the same accusation, but also by the same prosecutors.

This is an unprecedented thing from my experience.”

In March of this year, SPAK demanded the retrial of Fatmir Mediu, as one of the officials responsible for the tragedy of Gërdec, where 26 people lost their lives and hundreds of others were injured after the explosion at a military materials dismantling base in March 2008.

It was the family members of Edison Durdaj, the 7-year-old boy who lost his life and another minor victim who lost his life during the explosion while working illegally at the plant, who set the authorities in motion to reopen the infamous Gërdeci file.

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