After the residents’ protest, begins the removal of side barriers on the Lushnjë-Fier highway

23/10/2021 21:03

After the protest of the residents for the insulation with metal barriers of the intersection known as the ‘driver rest’ on the Lushnjë-Fier highway, the road maintenance workers have started today the work for the removal of the problematic barriers.

The barriers in this intersection were installed a few days ago by order of the road authorities. But for the residents of the area the blockage was an increase in costs and time, as they had to travel about 20 km more to drive towards the city of Lushnja.

Residents came in protest today and kept the road blocked for 20 minutes, bringing chaos to the circulation of vehicles.

On both sides, the line of vehicles reached up to over 4 km, while the intervention of the Lushnja police special squads was needed to open the road and remov the protesters.

This point is otherwise known for the high number of accidents, according to reports.

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