After the Appeal’s decision, DP’s Alibeaj refuses to join Berisha’s group in the party

20/06/2024 16:07

Democratic MP Enklejed Alibeaj announced through a post that he will not be part of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party after the Court of Appeal decided that the official seal of the party belongs to is group’s rival, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

While he states that he is a democrat and believes in the values ​​for which he was once born as a DP, the deputy emphasizes that “if to be a “democrat” the condition is to be a “Berish-ist” and with Sali Berisha, I am not like that”.

Alibeaj stated: “The decision of the Court of Appeal was a great weight for the democrats and the battle within the DP. Above all, for me, in the party organization and the will must be shaped and manifested according to the statutory rules and not with chaos and violence.

“Returning to the ideology and fundamental values ​​of the DP, to be embraced as hope by the vast majority of Albanians, the judicial path remained simply an instrument that I did not ask for, but which I had to follow. Now the court decision sealed it without giving me the right.”

“The reasons why this happened are visible and invisible. But the economic interests that keep the old Berisha-Rama alliance afloat cannot be hidden. As well as the convenience of being two old and worn parts of politics that cannot survive without each other. It is no coincidence that this current had the support of the government and a good part of the media”, said Alibeaj, among others.

He further added: “The decision of the Court of Appeal a few days ago determined that the party officially belongs to Sali Berisha and his way of management. Personally, I parted with this way many years ago and at all times I have tried to prove that I belong to a different political strain. I don’t believe in Sali Berisha’s promise that his PD will have internal democracy and respect for different opinions.”

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