11 flood victims prosecuted for protest

25/07/2011 16:30

Shkoder Police has started the prosecution of 11 Trush village residents
over organizing and participating in illegal manifestations and
impeding vehicle circulation.

The persons that are under investigation participated in yesterday’s meeting, protesting after the government failed to pay the damages of the flood that took place seven months ago. The residents made their protest by blocking the national road Shkoder-Velipoje.

Police notifies that the event took place yesterday morning, when 300 persons, mainly from Trush village, blocked the national road. After negotiating for 45 minutes with the police, the protesters freed the road.

Police was able to identify the organizers of the illegal meeting. The revolted residents declared that they had suffered heavy damages in these floods, and that their economy had been destroyed. They welcomed the verification groups, who assessed the damage value, but after seven months, the residents have not been paid by the government, while the other rainy season is approaching.

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