10 thousand less children enrolled in the first grades of Albanian schools in 2021

14/09/2021 20:15

After the request for information that Top Channel addressed to the Ministry of Education, it was learned that in all of Albania only 20 235 children were enrolled in first grade, about 10 thousand children fewer than in the previous academic year.

“10 thousand fewer children means 350 fewer first grades, 350 fewer primary school teachers. 5 years ago we had 6 parallel classes, today we have 4. This problem is being felt and will continue to be felt even more. In Sauk, in the school ’28 Nëntori ‘, in the school where I work, there is one class less “, said Alma Lama, president of the Education Union in Tirana.

In the last 20 years, according to INSTAT, the population of 9-year-old children has decreased by 48%.

The low number of enrollments is also noticed in the tenth grade, where 17 145 students are enrolled, 1.2% less than last year.

The novelty of the registrations this time was the online application through e-albania network, and according to the general directorate of pre-university education still 0.2% of children are not yet registered due to problems such as inability to apply with the online system or non-compliance by parents with the school areas where concerns the education of children.


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