10 million ALL thrown in the bin for rural road in Vau i Dejes they “forgot” to build

12/01/2023 21:31

The ‘Fiks Fare’ program on Top Channel today reported a scandal with a tender worth 10 million ALL in the Municipality of Vaut Deja, in northern Albania.

Residents of a neighborhood in the village of Kaçë complained to the newsroom of the investigative program, saying they get stuck with mud and potholes on the depreciated road. “They have made life difficult for us.

“They came 3 years ago and fixed some other roads. They have left this path of ours to the mercy of fate. No one remembers about us. We can’t cross, we can’t even take the children to school when it’s raining”, said one of the residents.

After the complaints, Fiks Fare journalists went to the Municipality of Vau i Dejes, as they talked with the head of procurement, Dorina Lino.

She indicated that the residents have made several complaints to the municipality while asserting that a tender for about 10 million ALL has been carried out on the matter.

“The road was to be asphalted in 2019. In the archive there are the documents from when the Municipality took over, in the presence of the buildingcompany, the supervisor and the inspector.

It is the document that the work has been temporarily handed over”, said the municipality’s procurement manager.

‘Fiks Fare’ tried to contact the winning company “Rroku Guest”, on the phone number that was in the extract of the construction company, the number was unavailable.

The journalists also sent him an e-mail, which was also in the extract, but until the broadcast of this investigation, the firm has not responded.


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