No fence between Albania and Montenegro border, although Hungary would like to donate it

03/07/2018 16:44

Albania and Montenegro held for the first time a meeting of both governments, in Shkodra, a practice that has been followed by PM Edi Rama with Kosovo and Macedonia.

Both Prime Ministers underlined that the relations between both countries are very positive, and that they found consensus about the matter of illegal emigrants. Markovic denied that there will be a fence in the border with Albania, although Hungary was ready to donate it to his country.

Rama also said that there have been offers to Albania as well, for similar big gifts, but Albania is neither a country of fences nor of heroes who save rich countries from the ones they see as “toxic”.

Both countries aim to intensify cooperation, and there will be a new agreement for opening a joint border checkpoint inN Zogaj.

Montenegro showed readiness to support Albania with tourism. “Albania is turning each year more interesting, attracting serious investors who visit Montenegro and also see the Albanian coast. We support these investors because there is a connection and both countries benefit”, he said.


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