Israel opens embassy in Tirana

03/08/2012 00:00

21 years after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with Albania,
Israel decided to open its first Embassy in Tirana, choosing to
represent it from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman.

In the inauguration ceremony held in high security measures, most important than the presence of politicians was the presence of the Muslim clergy.

This fact was noted with pride by the second person in charge of the Israeli government. Avigdor Lieberman declared that the opening of a new diplomatic mission is always a reason to celebrate for Israel, but this is especially true when such as mission is opened in a country like Albania, which is a NATO member and with a large Muslim population.

Albania has recognized Israel in 1949, but the friendship and cooperation started only in the last 21 years.

“When I was a student at the Soviet Union and if someone would tell me that I would open the Israeli Embassy in Tirana as Foreign Minister of Israel, I would tell that person that he is crazy. It was unthinkable back then. This shows how much the modern world is changing, how dynamic is the situation and the relations. We must follow this dynamic and contribute for improving our relations, the conditions for our people and our countries. I thank the Prime Minister of Albania once again, and everyone else for your efforts and friendship”, the Foreign Minister of Israel declared.

“In a hostile environment, where anti-Semitism is used as a doctrine to consolidate oppressive regimes, and as an atavism of a past heritage, Israel became the example of the democratic development, the example of the great potential of freedom. The fact that you, Mr. Lieberman, a former student at the Soviet Union, are here today as Deputy Prime Minister of this state for opening the Embassy of your country to Tirana, shows that this is a miracle of freedom and especially of your country”, Berisha declared.

Albania has also recognized the state of Palestine, but this didn’t stop the government of Prime Minister Berisha to not support the unilateral effort of the Palestinian Authority for becoming a UN member.

Albania and Israel are currently working to reinforce the political connections, to consolidate the economic relations by admitting the Israeli business in Albania. These efforts are not supported only by the government, but also because the opposition has expressed the same position, what was confirmed with the meeting between the Israeli Foreign Minister and the opposition leader, Edi Rama. Rama guaranteed the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister that the Socialist Party supports and has a special attention to the development of the relations between Albania and Israel.

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