Foreign Ministry: Rama’s incident in Vienna

25/04/2013 00:00

The Albanian politics was involved into harsh debates today, after the
Foreign Ministry declared that the opposition leader, Edi Rama, was
involved in an incident during his participation at the Diplomatic
Academy in Vienna, with our ambassador at the OSCE, Egin Ceka.

The Deputy Foreign Minister, Edith Harxhi, declared that the Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, was part of a physical confrontation with the Albanian diplomat, after he asked him about the voting of emigrants through the embassies.

The Foreign Ministry declared that Rama reacted aggressively, by using verbal and even physical violence, which was dispersed by the present foreign diplomats.

The verbal violence has continued even further, asking Mr.Ceka to leave the room and by using indecent words, according to the Ministry.

But the Socialist Party declared that this is a shameful statement, saying that Edi Rama held a two-hour long dialogue with the diplomats, and after the meeting, the son of Neritan Ceka, who according to the Socialist Party is being paid with the citizens’ money just for his father’s name, approached to the Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, with a series of indecent words, and the opposition leader just tried to calmed him down while the present members made Ceka’s son leave the room.

Debates in Parliament

While the Foreign Ministry and the Socialist Party had consumed these reactions, the The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, declared in Parliament that on Monday they would vote the establishment of an investigative commission, without explaining how, since these initiatives are not allowed six months before the elections.

“The Commission will be established because to prove that he loses control, that he has serious psychical problems or an overdose problem. This was proved in the Vienna Diplomatic Academy. We can bring 30 witnesses in this parliament, because our diplomacy was touched with violence. This is a repeated act by Rama, even against you (referring to the opposition MPs)”, Berisha declared.

“Mr.Prime Minister, all you can do is apologize with Rama and the Albanian people, and to fire the diplomat who caused this. It’s not normal that you are defending him”, declared the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group leader, Gramoz Ruci.

Organizers: Meeting was without incidents

Institution Reener was one of the organizers of the forum at the Viennese Dipomatic Academy.

To shed more light for the incident claimed by the Albanian Foreign Ministry and the opposition leader, through diplomat Egin Ceka, “Top Channel” made a question to Marchl Gerhard, head of the European Section at the Reneer Institution. This was the answer received through an e-mail.

“The forum and the dialogue was held peacefully. We can say that we have no knowledge about any debate or incident that might have happened after our activity. This came for the first time to our knowledge after the Albanian news”.

Top Channel