Coronavirus; Albania identifies four outbreak sources of deadly decease

11/03/2020 18:15

Four outbreak sources of the new coronavirus have been identified so far in Albania.

The first was registered in Tirana, when two persons father and son were initially identified, and then the searches revealed that 6 other family members were infected.
The second hearth appears to have been created by a 31-year-old who had traveled to Italy in Milan and after returning to the country displayed the symptoms of the serious illness. There is still no report of how many other people may have been infected by him.

The third source is in Durres, after a 73-year-old woman was diagnosed with coronavirus and lost her life today. She was from the village of Shen Vlash, and had traveled to Italy. There is still no report as to whether relatives or even employees of the Durres hospital have been infected.

The fourth outbreak centre is in Lushnje, where an elderly man who had returned from Bergamo, developed severe problems due to coronavirus infection.

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