Civil Movement hands petition against Pyramid demolition

26/07/2011 15:35

Representatives of the movement “Civil Action for the Rescue of the
Pyramid” handed over to the Albanian President a petition against the
demolition of the International Culture Center. Five days ago, thousands
of people gathered in front of the Pyramid to protest against the
Parliament’s decision for demolishing this building.

They signed a petition, appealing the highest state leaders to cancel this decision. The petition signed by 6100 citizens was sent to the head of the Albanian state, the President Bamir Topi.

Ardian Klosi, one of the initiators of this movement, declared that the people of Tirana are against this destructive act, and he believes that the President will take the necessary measures, with the power vested in him by the Constitution.

“According to the Constitution, the President has the right to return a law for being reviewed. This is a civil action, because the previous law was passed with a simple majority, without any explanation and against some clauses of the Albanian Constitution. This is a civil action that cannot perform legal steps in courts, but there will be consequent actions. It is important the fact that Tirana citizens and from all over Albania have shown their concern about this issue”, Klosi declared.

The petition to the Parliament, by mail

The representatives of the Civil Action for the Rescue of the Pyramid were unable to hand over to the Parliament the petition with 6100 signatures. Klosi received no answer from the Information Office or Protocol Office of this institution, except the receptionist.

“They suggested us to send it by mail. It is strange, because they received us very well at the Presidency. However, we will go to the post office and will mail the petition”, he added.

The Civil Action for the Rescue of the Pyramid sent a copy of the petition to the Prime Ministry and Tirana Municipality. According to Mr. Klosi, the civil movement asked Mayor Basha to keep the promise that he gave during the electoral campaign, for not allowing the demolition of this building.

Meanwhile, the book “The Pyramid, graceful, abandoned, endangered” will be presented in Tirana this Thursday, with a summary of 51 articles and comments from 42 different authors, which have been published in Tirana’s press regarding this issue.

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