Basha in Has: “My first decision as PM, flat tax and reducing VAT”

05/05/2017 00:00

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, met with the Has citizens to whom he presented his electoral program.

Basha said that the “New Republic” will serve to the people, young me, farmers and businesses which create jobs.

“Hundreds of millions of Euros will be returned to Albanian homes”, Basha said, adding that he would be “the Prime Minister of economy and employment”.

“Vote the New Republic and my first decision will be to reduce VAT with a flat tax at 9%, we will remove the ‘Rama’ tax of fuel, we will reduce the energy price and pardon delay interest”, Basha declared.

Basha underlined that families in need will not be left without economic assistance, and that the ‘New Republic’ will give them free energy and water.

“We will increase pensions within the first year. In four years the minimal pension will be 25.000 ALL”, Basha declared.

The other promise was about education: “I promise you that no Albanian child will be left without education due to their bad economic situation. This is the program for a strong economy and a safe tomorrow”, Basha said.

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