Inclement weather; Qafë Thana is crossed with snow chains, stone falls in the area of ​​Librazhd in central Albania

30/11/2021 20:29

Bad weather and snow has covered the region of Elbasan, with problems especially in mountainous areas where the first snow of the season has now started.

National road axes are mostly passable, but snow chains are needed in some segments of the national road Librazhd-Peshkopi, where the thickness of snow has already reached 30 cm.

The national axis Elbasan – Qafë Thanë is covered by snow in Qafë Thana, where during the night work was being carried out to clean and salt the surface.

Currently this road axis is passable without chains, however during the night the decrease of temperatures can bring frost to and the police recommend the use of snow chains or winter tires.

The road axis Elbasan-Rrogozhinë was blocked during Monday night due to stone falls in the village of Papër area, but the road was cleaned and currently the traffic is normal.

Some villages in the Municipality of Gramsh are blocked due to flooding of roads in some of the road axes, such as in Porocan and Kushovo.

There are also blocked areas with difficult traffic in some villages of Librazhd, while in Prrenjas snow has started in Rrajcë and Sopot.

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