“Politics must not touch teachers”

26/04/2011 16:20

The politics and the parties should not interfere with the education.
The Head of the Education Confederation, Xhaferr Dobrusha, emphasized
that they will not allow any teacher being fired for political reasons.

This is one of most important pre-university laws.

“If teachers will be transferred or fired for political reasons, the syndication guarantees of protecting them”, said Dobrusha.

The Education Minister, Myqerem Tafaj, declared that the teachers are protected by their status and that on July there will be wage increase.

“The teachers will not be transferred for election campaigns. The teacher’s status is consolidated. There will be a wage increase in July and I am sure that it will be bigger than the increase of the last year”, Tafaj declared.

These declarations were released during an activity that was held for the 20th anniversary of the creation of Science and Education Syndicate Federation.

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