Balkan summit in Thessaloniki
Balkan summit in Thessaloniki
The second inter-ministerial meeting between Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia was held in Thessaloniki, in presence of Foreign Ministers, Interior Ministers and Ministers of Energy.

“We discussed about the security challenges, also for cooperation between our law enforcing agencies, but also for energy. There are some projects of strategic importance as regards energy. We know the impact that security has as regards security and for reducing third actors in our region”, declared the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati.

Foreign Greek Minister Nikos Kotzias, the initiator of this ministerial meeting, considered it a place of sincere dialogue between neighbors.

“We consider these meetings as very important. We talk with great sincerity about the future and the problems we need to resolve”, Kotzias declared.

The Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati, gave an interview for the Greek public television, mentioning the topics that the Albanian side is discussing with Greece, such as Himara, the Greek soldiers cemetery, the Cham case and the war law.

“We haven’t concluded with the WWII matters yet, such as the War Law and respects to the Cham community”, Bushati declared.

ERT3: The Cham community are exactly the ones that Greece considers as collaborators of the Nazi?

“Yes, and this is the challenge of international relations. States share different views. Democracy is about compromise and I believe that we are about to find one that accommodates both the interests of Albania and Greece, because this is an ongoing process”, Bushati declared.

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