Directors sue Education Minister for threats, violence


Directors sue Education Minister for threats, violence
Six Directors from the Ministry of Education and Sport, and General Secretary Plarent Ndreca, filed a criminal report against the technical Minister of Education, Mirela Karabina.

Karabina is accused of having asked her staff to commit illegal actions, by threatening to file criminal reports against them and other psychological blackmails in 13 cases.

Minister Karabina is even accused of using physical violence against the staff, using third-party people.

“The General Secretary has been stopped from entering his office by two persons. They even destroyed his office door. This is scandalous”, Gjoni declared.

She is also accused of appointing political functionaries illegally, firing staff against the law and issuing sub-legal acts that fall against the law.

Minister Karabina says she has verified illegal behavior from her staff and she invites the Prosecution to investigate the case. She adds that it is essential to radically reform the public administration.

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