Nikolle Lesi: "Basha sold the opposition's protest"
Nikolle Lesi: Basha sold the opposition's protest
Nikolle Lesi said Lulzim Basha sold the cause of the opposition to Rama for political bargains.

He said on Top Channel’s "Top Story”, hosted by Sokol Balla, that this agreement goes against smaller parties.

“Rama gave Basha 6 ministers and some directories related with accusations for corruption. This is a bargain made between both of them, which falls against smaller parties of the right wing”, Lesi said.

According to Lesi, the effects of this unfair bargain go beyond June 25th.

“This will continue even after the elections. The purpose is to dismantle all smaller parties and keep governing even after June 25th. This is not a pact, but a purchase”, he declared.

According to Lesi, the only positive side of this pact is the country’s destabilization.

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