DP, Basha and Berisha discuss new plan for protest
DP, Basha and Berisha discuss new plan for protest
The Democratic Party may escalate their protest for elections. The decision has not been taken yet, but the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, has discussed spreading the protest in several areas of the country.

One of the options is blocking some national roads, but the meeting didn’t discuss which and when.

The escalation of the protest coincides with the visit of the German negotiator, David McAllister.

It is still unclear what the Democrats are ready to negotiate for, but former Prime Minister Berisha said that there will be no compromise for the drug traffic.

“With this act we would be bringing back crime into the future of Albanians, and this would be the biggest punishment”, Berisha declared.

Before the visit of the German negotiator, the former Prime Minister made another warning: “No one wants stability more than us. But we are convinced that there is no stability without free and fair elections”, Berisha declared.

However, the opposition doesn’t seem to expect any change in the position of the Prime Minister: “Will Edi Rama leave? Edi Rama would be ready to kill, rather then leaving. I hope he admits the offered solution. Nothing else, besides free vote”, Berisha said.

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