Iran not happy about John McCain's meeting in Tirana with MEK members
Iran not happy about John McCain's meeting in Tirana with MEK members
John McCain’s meeting in Tirana with MEK, Iran’s biggest opposition group, has brought Teheran to react and say that the USA will pay for their mistakes.

McCain, Chairman of the Armed Commission at the US Senate, said during his meeting in Albania with the members of the Mujahedin-E-Khalq group that Iran will be free one day.

The Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bahram Qassemi, said that the Senator’s gesture shows that the US has not learned from past experiences.

“This was a big mistake for which the US administration must pay, same as they have done with former mistakes”, he said.

This was the declaration of the former candidate for President of America, which has caused the Ayatollah to react:

“We see an Iranian government that is trying to extend its tyranny all around the Middle East. If it wasn’t for Teheran and their allies in the region, the regime of Bashar al-Assad would not be there today”, McCain added, saying that Iran will be free one day, and everyone will gather on that square.

McCain offered his condolences to the people who suffered Iran’s persecution while fighting for freedom. He has played a very important role in the moving of the MEK members.

The organization says that at least 140 of their members were killed during their stay in the Ashraf and Liberty camp in Iraq, and that Albania has been an escape route for the 3000 members who now live in our country.

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