"CEZ", Balla: "Evidence of ties between Berisha and CEZ intermediator"


CEZ, Balla: Evidence of ties between Berisha and CEZ intermediator
The Socialist Party MP, Taulant Balla, also chairman of the parliamentary commission for the privatization of the OSHEE (Energy Distribution Corporate), showed for the media today an electronic message, which, according to him, proves the role of citizen Nue Kalaj as a mediator between CEZ and the Berisha government.

Balla says that the e-mail exchanged between the leaders of the Czech company proves the involvement of the son of former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, in the privatization affair.

“We are presenting today one of the many evidence showing the role of Nuel Kalaj, who had connections with the son of the then Prime Minister, Sali Berisha. This is understood by this e-mail, in which the Czech director for Albania, Josef Hejsek, tells the CEZ Vice Director in Prague, Tomas Pleskac, that he would wait for Nuel at the VIP hall of the airport, and that they would ‘postpone the meeting with the son, after the Prime Minister arrives’. This means that Tomas Pleskac, Hejsek and others have met with then PM berisha and his son”, Balla said.

He underlined that this message will be in the center of the next meeting of the parliamentary investigative commission. “I will make no question today. The questions will be made at the investigative commission”, Balla said.

He added that the Commission has taken under administration some documents from second-level banks which confirm the transfer of millions of EUR, which Cez has put in an account, and which were later withdrawn by Nuel Kalaj in June 2009, a few days before the elections.

Balla said that the Commission would also investigate where this money had gone after being withdrawn.

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