WB: "Albania, highest investment level in the region"
WB: Albania, highest investment level in the region
The World Bank has stated that Albania is one of the economies with the highest rate of foreign investments in Europe and Central Asia.

The WB reports that direct foreign investments in Albania reached 9% of the GDP. Only three countries have had a higher level in Europe nd Central Asia, Montenegro with 17%, Turkmenistan with 12%, and Georgia with 10%.

All other economies have received fewer investments. Macedonia only 3% of the GDP, and Bosnia less than 2%.

Especially in the past year, the Albanian economy has received investmentsfor the Transadriatic Pipeline and the Devoll Cascade.

The World Bank says that private investments, mainly foreign, were among the main sources of the economic growth, which was 3.2% during the past year, and which is expected to reach 3.5% in the next year.

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