Opposition: "We want electronic voting and ballot count"


Opposition: We want electronic voting and ballot count
The opposition parties, led by the Democratic Party, announced this Wednesday their stance for the next elections.

“We held a meeting today, after a preliminary coordination even with the non-parliamentary opposition, and now we can confirm our stance regarding the next elections. The opposition’s unified stance is that citizens, not criminals, should be the one deciding for these elections”, Basha said.

He underlined that the elections are in danger due to a series negative events, such as crime, corruption, drug traffic, failure of the decriminalization law and vote purchase, amnestied by Prime Minister Edi Rama, according to Basha.

“For this reason, the opposition presented a new platform, since 17 May, and since then Edi Rama has only sabotaged it. The opposition agreed today for a platform with free and fair elections. Its core is that the elections should not be decided by criminals, but by citizens”, Basha said.

He reconfirmed that the key points of this platform remain “electronic voting, electronic ballot count, limited funding for parties, limited media, and other aspects.

Basha also greeted the Socialist Movement for Integration regarding their stance for open-list elections.

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