Parties divided about electoral reform


Parties divided about electoral reform
Five months before the elections, the Special Commission for the Electoral Reform is still in its first steps, and this was confirmed by the meeting held behind closed doors this Tuesday, when the two co-chairmen confirmed only a list of the topics they disagree on, and of the topics they found consensus for. Until the list is drafted this Friday, the points that divide them are known, and very significant.

“Technology for the voting procedure is very important. We will not accept the justifications that there is no time. The opposition will insist to not treat the matters selectively”, said Oerd Bylykbashi.

“Unfortunately, we did not agree for the vote of emigrants and for the depoliticization of electoral commissions. As for the electronic voting, Oerd said when we were in opposition that it needs a pilot project at least two years before the elections. Let’s wait two years”, Balla said.

The proposition of the SMI for open list may wait even longer. As for the technology matter, SMI wants the ODIHR to intermediate.

All parties want harsher punishments for electoral crimes, but experts fear that slow steps may cause the electoral reform to fail.

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