Reform for property return and compensation, Rama: "We removed criminal management"


Reform for property return and compensation, Rama: We removed criminal management
The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared at the presentation of the reform for the property compensation that the first thing they need is a division between logic and absurdity.

“The property return history has had two sides: individuals who have declared themselves owners of even antiquity amphitheaters, and governments that have made the biggest mess one could imagine with these properties”, Rama said, adding that the progress reports of the EU since 2005 have always had negative evaluations for the property issue, which is one of the five key priorities that are being observed as a condition for Albania’s EU accession.

Rama adds that this project is closing in a record time a problem that could last 1000 years, especially because the law for property of 2004 has been modified 24 times, and because judiciary structures have acted as criminal gangs by giving properties for money.

“The number of falsified property titles is enormous, a real mess”, he added.

Earlier the day, the Director of the Agency for the Property Return and Compensation, Sonila Qato, underlined that this law is an important turn for the property case. She announced that the application deadline will be postponed with six months.

Qato said that for the first time, the government is undertaking the bill that the state has to pay for identifying all compensation decisions.

The annual budget fund will have a progressive growth of 5 billion ALL each year, for 10 years.

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