Top Channel is an independent national television. Its signal covers the whole of the country’s territory. Top Channel’s signal can also be received all over Europe through the Digitalb platform as well as in the North America through the two IPTV platforms TVALB and Shqip TV.

Top Channel was founded by the late President of Top Media, Mr. Dritan Hoxha, on the 30th of July 2001. Since day one, Top Channel has had a clear objective: becoming the television of all Albanians through the information, entertainment, and education triangle. Top Channel’s persistent endeavours to fulfil this objective with professionalism and quality have eventually enabled this television to be considered by all as the biggest and most powerful medium watched in the country and in the whole pan Albanian area.
Soon after its creation, due to the high quality of its informative, entertainment and educational programs, Top Channel won the battle of competition by attracting the Albanian audience. Since 2003, a reliable poll ranked Top Channel as the first most watched television in the country, whereas according to a research of the IPSOS agency of 2011, Top Channel is a leading television in the market. 

Broadcasts started for the first time in December 20th, 2001 and in only few months, owing to the staff of creators, reporters and producers, to the new technology and innovative ideas, Top Channel could become the main and most loved TV channel for the Albanians. 

Top Channel enabled the full signal coverage of the territory of Albania and of mainland Europe on Eutelsat W2 satellite on the 15th of September 2003 whereas on the 15th of December 2004, Top Channel enabled such coverage through the DigitAlb platform. On the 15th of August 2005, Top Channel became available with its signal in the US and Canada. Top Channel opened its office in Kosovo in March 2006 whereas the Skopje office, in June 2008. 
On May 10th 2009, Top Channel started the HD broadcasting with the Final Awards Night of Top Fest 6, therefore becoming the first channel in the region to introduce such novelty.  
Since the beginning of its broadcasts, Top Channel brought a wide spectrum of all programs and genres, targeting all age groups.  
Programs and talk shows on politics and current affairs: “Fiks Fare”, “Shqip”, “Top Story”, “Ora 0”, "Poker", etc. The first and only programs where investigative journalism is applied, where the guests make the difference and constitute the main political forums where controversies, confrontations, news and ideas are generated. 
Talk show: “Top Show”, “Pasdite në Top Channel”, “Déjà vu”, "Wake Up", “Kush e ngriti flamurin”, etc. 
Programs with topics that can be stretched in time and analysed thoroughly, where the daily issues are discussed from the general public point of view, where all strata of society are invited to express themselves, where personalities of the nation are deeply appreciated, always communicating and having fun together. 

Talent show: “Top Fest”, “The Voice of Albania”, “Ti Vlen”, “Albania Got Talent”, “Super Model of the World”, “Ethet”, “Pole Position”, “Shtojzovalle”, etc. Pan-Albanian shows, following some of the most successful formats in the world where talents from all the Albanian territories are promoted, shows in which every ordinary person can wake up the extraordinary famous one the next day, making his dream be a reality. Such shows are produced with extreme contemporary standards; the adrenaline rushes and entertainment peaks. 
Entertainment show: “Portokalli”, “Big Brother”, “Një mijë e një PSE”, “E Diell”, etc. Huge production shows, each of them unique in its genre where the marathon of entertainment does not end season after season, the only colour of humour interpreted by the most popular comedians where ordinary   and VIP characters are personated, everyday life events; sometimes there is 24/7 camera surveillance, with thrilling life stories and sometimes confrontations of worlds so common and yet distinct, adults in front of children who ask naïve questions. Overall there are human stories, too much laughter, songs, ballet, games, emotions, surprises; everything that you might wish to experience.  

Reporting and Documentaries: “Jashtë Bulevardit”, “Exclusive”, “Rrugëtim”, “Shqipëria Tjetër”, "Shqipëria, 100 vjet pavarësi, 100 vjet shtet", etc. An exclusive reflection of the Albanian life and of its problems, a long journey to get to know it better and to love it more. Albania’s both side of the medal, profiles of its distinguished figures, the history of our country through the professional voices of historians who convey new perspectives and unknown facts; our Albania through a series of successful documentaries and reportages.
Sport: “Procesi Sportiv”, “MotoGP”, “Formula 1”, “Tour de France”, European Championship, World Championship, Premier League, Premiera Division. Professional broadcasting of the main sport competitions, accompanied by entertaining and informative comments and also by shows where professional analysis is made with guests from specialists as well as other fields. 
Game Show & Quiz show: “100 Milionë”, “7 per 7000”, “Kape Kohën”, “Tjetri”, "Dua Vendin Tim". Some of the most successful shows in the world, all based on the most sold formats and purchased from big companies such as Endemol, Talpa etc. The competitions of knowledge and wit, games for the brain, entertainment where contestants can play as an individual, in a pair or in a team and where money can also be won. 
Serials and sit-com: “Komuna e Parisit”, “Në kërkim të kujt!!!” Serials and sitcoms on the Albanian life, dealing with problems that we encounter, the best-known actors, and professional directors. 

Top Channel, the biggest broadcaster of all the best and latest world productions (feature filsm, series, formats, etc.) widely praised by critics and with the highest ratings produced by well-known companies such as NBC/Universal, Warner Bros., BBC Worldwide, ABC/Disney, Endemol, Talpa, Fremantle Media, Paramount, FOA, ITV, 20th Century Fox, HBO, Mediaset, Raitrade, etc. 

Top Channel is the first Albanian television reliable for the accuracy of breaking news and live broadcasts of the most important events of the country, with special reports for the coverage, reflection, and analysis of every important event in Albania and in the Albanian territories, Kosovo, Macedonia and wherever Albanians live in the world.  
Top Channel, the main source of information for all Albanians. 
With reference to all the questionnaires, when asked which their main source of information was, over 70 % of viewers said that they watched Top Channel. Such questionnaires were made by prestigious companies such as Zogby International etc. 
And it all goes as such successful because our Moto is reliability: we are independent, unbiased, and honest because everything that we do is public centered, we keep their interests at heart. 

Top Channel 2001-2014
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