Zaev started talks with Albanians. Citizens in Skopje celebrate Gruevski’s fall

18/05/2017 00:00

Zoran Zaev has started dialogue with Albanian parties for creating the
new government, after President Gjorgje Ivanov was finally convinced to
authorize him.

The Sociali-Democratic leader said that the talks with Albanian parties BDI, Besa and Alliance for Albanians aim to create a stable coalition with all three Albanian parties.

Zaev said the sooner the new government is created, the quicker will they be able to treat suspended matters, such as the extending of Special Prosecution mandate. However, the Besa Movement made it clear that their presence in government would be conditioned by the names that will be chosen for the new cabinet.

“We are not going to be part of the election if there are ministers suspected of corruption”, said Bilal Kasami, leader of Besa.

Dozens of civilians gathered in front of the Parliament yesterday to celebrate what they called “the fall of Nikola Gruevski”.

Local media say that the protesters reiterated the slogans “Nikola, you will not escape Shutka”, “Nikola in Prison”. The crowd was gathered spontaneously, after several appeals for protests on social networks.

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