Wollfarth: Electoral College, the right decision

14/06/2011 15:00

OSCE ambassador Eugen Wollfarth has commented the decision of the
Electoral College, saying that it was the right one. The ambassador gave
this declaration during a meeting in the Municipality of Korce.

“The Electoral College ruled to review all the ballot boxes. The first impression after this decision was that all ballots should have an equal treatment. This came as good news, and a right decision. It is about a careful and equal review of all ballots, with the purpose of identifying with accuracy the will of the Albanian voters”, Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth said.

This declaration is the first that OSCE ambassador gives in support of the Electoral College, while the reaction of the international factor for the recent decision of the Electoral College was not the same. Instead, they declared that they expected the Electoral College to take a decision in full accordance with the Constitution.

Ambassador Wollfarth declared that the law about the Administrative Court has no connection with the elections and that it must be passed in the Parliament. The ambassador declared that in order to have an Administrative Court, there must be a functional parliament. He appealed the political forces to return to the Parliament.

The ambassador gave this declaration after visiting the Court of Korce, where he was informed about its work performance.

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