Winners of “Rrathe IV”, supported by the “Dritan Hoxha” Foundation

07/12/2017 20:17

The history of a little boy who was found by a Roma family in a rubbish bin, and who today thinks like a grown man, is the winning documentary for “Rrathe IV”.

The documentary is called “August 21st” and is directed by Mirel Gjyzdari.  There were 84 applications in total for Rrathe IV, 24 of which received funds. All 24 of them were broadcast by Top Channel.

Journalist Fatos Baxhaku says that this kind of journalism takes the author, the reporter, the cameraman, the video editor and the driver directly to the simple individual. “This is what will save journalism”, Baxhaku says.

The “Dritan Hoxha” foundation, which has been in a partnership with Rrathe for the past four years, gave a special award to the documentary “Let Them Grow”.

“The special prize of the Dritan Hoxha Foundation goes to the documentary ‘Let them grow’, to Mr.Lorenc Daja. ‘Let Them Grow’ doesn’t accept fatalism. It sees light in the end of the tunnel without preaching morale”, said Vjollca Dako, Executive Director of the “Dritan Hoxha” Foundation.

A character who lives in nostalgia, surrounded by objects of 1987, is presented by the documentary “The Angel of the Tunnel”, which received the second prize.

“We, the people who used to observe, long ago, have nostalgia as one of our biggest assets today. And if we sit on a table with someone, we may seem like those old people who start telling ancient stories. When we saw this character who was stuck in the past, we also saw ourselves in him”, said journalist Enkel Demi.

The winner of the third prize was “Albania Squatters”, a story about the right of Roma people to receive a shelter.

“During these four Rrathe editions that have been realized for the past five years, we have supported 150 young film makers, and a total of 91 videos have been produced, which have turned now into a great asset. This experience has  been a big valuable asset for the participants as well. It has been a true education to some of them, because they were assisted by professionals”, said Brunilda Bakshevani, manager of the Open Society for Albania Foundation.

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