“Why gas price can’t get lower in Albania?”

07/02/2019 21:50

The Albanian Minister of Finances, Arben Ahmetaj, was asked on Top Channel’s “Top Talk” show why the gas price is not being lowered in Albania.

“The tax was on vehicles, and that increased the public debt on citizens. From 74% it was reduced to 64%. We are not doing anything besides taking it away from vehicles and putting it on gas. The gas price has moved, even went to 157 ALL. When the Democratic Party was in power, it was 192 ALL. There are countries that have gas free of circulation taxes. Macedonia has it at 500 EUR. We have it at 12.000 ALL”, Ahmetaj declared.

The former Minister added that the former Democratic Party Minister, Ridvan Bode, removed this tax from vehicles and placed it on the gas price. “And that was a good move because it can be administered in a better way”, he concluded.

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